Sponsored Athlete Jewelry 2023

Hi Beauty,
We are looking to sponsor athletes for 2023. We will send you jewelry and in return you would share on your social media platforms. Minimum 1 share a week. You will have to pay for shipping cost of 6 but the jewelry is worth over $20

You will be provided with a code to share with family and friends. Welcome to the Team!

**You will be added to a group FB so it is important to have  FB messenger.**

We would send jewelry every 3 months for a year. We ask post 1 a week but if you decide to stop just let us know. 

We will send marketing material & wording for you to post. This jewelry can be used for multiple occasions. 

Shipping dates

Jan 28,2023

April 28,2023

July 28,2023

October 28,2023

Start Date: Posting of the first video Beauty In Beastmode Fitness Apparel is in. Term: 3 Months

Sponsored Athlete Payment: 10% per sale through your custom  promo code

 • Payment based on videos/stories featuring the items. Beauty In Beastmode jewelry, fitness apparel, equipment, accessories must be in full frame with the logo showing.

• Agrees to use custom code in bio during the duration of the sponsorship.

• Agrees to tag the Beauty In Beastmode Facebook or IG account @Beauty In BeastMode Fitness Apparel in each video and use #beautyinbeastmode hashtag.

• Minimum 5 times posted a month.1 time a week. We will help you in the group facebook chat.

• Payment released for every last Friday of the month

• Frequency Limit Per Day Clause: This prevents over-posting. Note: Influencer is not required to post multiple times a day. Agrees to a maximum of (1) post per day with Beauty In Beastmode. This is to avoid over advertising, maintaining a natural feel to your brand. Influencers can post other videos on their platform, this is only limited to videos with Beauty In Beastmode per day in your videos. An influencer can post Beauty In Beastmode on their other social media platforms and use their ambassador/code to earn more money.

Bonus Commission:

● A sale can be generated simply from a user using promo code at checkout

● You can request a specific promocode word to use but we already have one on file. If you need it again, let us know. Note, the simpler, easier to spell, and easier to remember the better.

Content Rights:

• Beauty In Beastmode  has rights to use, re-purpose, screenshots, videos that are part of this agreement for its own uses, including but not limited to: social media, emails, product related assets, marketing related assets to Beauty In Beastmode  Fitness Apparel.

• No Liability: Beauty In Beastmode  Fitness Apparel removes the influencer of all liability in regards to Beauty In Beastmode  products, usage of products, and marketing of its products.

Right to Pause Agreement Clause
Beauty In Beastmode  Fitness Apparel has the right to pause the Influencer agreement to analyze the performance analytics at which point the influencer agrees to pause creating/posting any videos. The influencer understands that videos posted after an agreement has been paused may not be paid for. If Beauty In Beastmode  determines that the agreement is underperforming, Beauty In Beastmode  may terminate the agreement. The influencer understands that any videos posted before the agreement is paused will be pro-rated and paid for if Beauty In Beastmode  chooses to terminate the agreement.

Right to Termination of Agreement Clause
Beauty In Beastmode  has the rights to end the Influencer Agreement at any time, for any reason. Beauty In Beastmode  will pro-rate and pay for any uploaded videos the influencer has uploaded as long as it meets the acceptable standards of Beauty In Beastmode  Sponsored videos.