How To Start Your Fitness Journey

How To Start Your Fitness Journey

How To Start Your Fitness Journey

As I’m sure everyone has felt the raft of COVID these last two years; from the virus, working from home daily, the daily snack ideas we find on Tik Tok and since has gained excess weight. I get it! We have all fallen short but never too late to pick up the pieces.


2022 is the time I want everyone to prosper and flourish, especially in their fitness journey. To look good is to feel good, somebody said those words I’m sure, but they hold so much truth. Over the last year, I’ve researched exercise ideas, recipes, and other fun ways to get back to my best self. I’ve partnered with beautynbeastmode to create a  safe space for fitness reference, apparel, and coaching so that it’s a stressless transition through your journey. Starting is always hard but the results are worth the work and gains.  


The best way to start back into your fitness journey is nice, simple, and consistent, and what better way to get the muscles moving by stretching. Yes, like when you first wake up in the morning and have the mini Harlem shaking before your feet touch the ground, something like that but with proper technique. Stretching is something you should do regularly for any age for flexibility, increased range of motion, blood flow to muscles, and mental clarity. According to an article by Colorado State University, “the importance of stretching has many positive benefits on the human body when done at least once a day.”


Let’s start with something simple but very important to our daily use, the wrist. Yes, if you’re reading this right now I’m sure you’re on your phone scrolling or using some type of keyboard on your iPad or laptop, and what is being used? You guessed it, your wrist.

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Check out these four wrist mobility stretches to help increase your wrist mobility:


Extended arm stretches 


  • Sit up straight or stand up tall. Extend your one arm palm facing outward.
  • Take your other hand and gently pull back the four fingers until you feel a stretch.
  • Hold this for 10 seconds making sure to breathe.


Extended Arm Down Stretches

  •  Sit up straight or stand up tall. Extend your one arm palm facing outward and down.
  • Bend the wrist and gently press down the wrist with your other hand and hold.
  • Hold this for 10 seconds making sure to breathe. 


Praying Position Stretches 

  • Sit up straight or stand up tall. Put hands in a pray-like position with hands together in front of you and elbows apart
  • With a slow-motion, raise pressed hands up until elbows touch and hold for a few seconds
  • Slowly bring hands down still pressing hands together until back to start position keeping the tension in arms. 


Wrist Roll Stretches 

  • Sit up straight or stand up tall. Start hands in a praying position.
  • Roll the wrist forward keeping hands close and open palms. The back of hands should be together at this point.
  • Roll wrists back toward you and back to starting position.


You could do these exercises as often as you need. These exercises are low impact, simple to do, and no equipment required. Remember to breathe through each movement and relax. Please consult with your physician before doing any physical activity to prevent injuries and to ensure not to reinjure yourself.


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