Top 5 Shoulder Workouts

Top 5 Shoulder Workouts

Top 5 Shoulder Workouts

Figure Competitor Megan’s Top 5 Shoulder workout 🔥

Here’s why you need to incorporate shoulders into your next workout. You’ll improved upper body strength and functionality. Shoulder workouts enhance the strength and stability of the shoulder joints and surrounding muscles, which are crucial for performing a wide range of upper body movements. This can improve overall performance in daily activities, sports, and other exercises

Strengthening the shoulder muscles can help prevent injuries by stabilizing the shoulder joint and improving posture. Strong shoulders can counteract the effects of poor posture, such as rounded shoulders and back pain, leading to better spinal alignment and reduced risk of chronic pain.

My top 5 shoulder exercises 

Arnold press 4 sets 8-12
Dumbells lateral raises 4 sets 12-15
Dumbell front raises 4 sets 12-15
Overhead dumbells press 4 sets 8-12
Dumbells rear delt fly 4 sets 10-12


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