My 5 Fave Items from Beauty N Beast Mode Apparel

My 5 Fave Items from Beauty N Beast Mode Apparel

My 5 Fave Items from Beauty N Beast Mode Apparel

To feel good is to look good, and to look good you have to have style and grace. Think about it, when you go out to Sunday brunch you pick the perfect outfit to set your mood, or when you go on that first dinner date, you can never go wrong with a little sexy black dress to project the classy lady you  are.

So it makes sense to dress to impress when entering the gym, it gives you confidence and positive energy to come in and kill each session. When I first started back in the gym a few years ago I remember I wore ill-fitting sweatpants, a baggy t-shirt, and just some regular tennis shoes I’ve had for a while, just looking a mess. Grant it, mentality, I was not in a good place around this time, not many people know, but I was drained, lost my job a year before, and was working odd jobs so that I can stay afloat. I didn’t feel good about myself or how I looked. 

Then, as I began to go to the gym more often, my confidence went up, I felt better about myself so it was time to change up my fashion choices. The first time after about two weeks I came back to my small home gym in D.C, and I  wore a racerback tank top and some sweatpants but a better fit. It was a shock factor to gym partners because who would have known that genetically I wake up with a six-pack and my arms are not fragile sticks, even though I’m a slim lady, the baggy clothes hid all that.  As time progressed, so did my appearance, mental, and physical health. I wanted to be in the gym just so I could see the gains when I looked in the mirror and to see the results of all the hard work I’ve put in over the months. 

Starting with anything new or returning to something can be intimidating but it’s worth the trial and error of getting back to your better self. Especially during this Covid season, I’m sure everyone can use a mental and physical reset, so if you haven’t already, head over to BeautyInBeastMode to look at some stylish fitness apparel, coaching, and other gym accessories available for shipping. Of course, it’s not a fashion show but I find that to feel your best you have to look your best, it’s the motivation for me.  Of course, there are many items on BeautyInBeastMode for purchase but today I will show and tell you about some of my favorite gym apparel and accessories from Beauty In Beast Mode, along with links for purchase.     

   Women’s Racerback Tank

Perfect to wear to the gym and comfortable to wear. Wearing the Women’s Racerback Tank on arm and back days gives you the perfect view of motion in your back muscles as well as shoulders, biceps, and triceps; especially when doing HIIT workouts. Pair with your favorite compression shorts or leggings, along with your good gym shoes, and boom you have the perfect fit without the hassle. They are available in five comfortable sizes.

Beauty and Beast Mode Short Sleeve 

This classic short-sleeve shirt is perfect for the gym on cardio days or just to have when doing your weekends. It’s a classic t-shirt fit for women and is available in five sizes. While in the gym, pair with your favorite tights or shorts, then for a more casual appearance, pair with some jeans, sneakers, a cardigan, or an athletic jacket. Whatever will bring your unique style out in the open and boosts your confidence, it’s an automatic staple piece in your gym apparel collection. 

Tik Tok Viral Waist Trainer Leggings 

The leggings with a twist. Leggings with a waist trainer built into them, I mean it's a two-for-one type of deal. They fit perfectly showing off a toned and shapely figure. They’re perfect for everyday gym wear for abs training or just running errands over the weekend paired with a crop top or fashion beast mode hoodie, all while training your midsection. Talk about multi-tasking 

   7 piece Resistance Booty Bands 

Perfect for when you can’t make it to the gym, but still want to get in your workout session, or strength training at the gym for some extra challenge. In this combo, you get seven strength resistances from extra light to extra heavy, perfect for building the booty, legs, and upper body, as well as exercise movements included with bands. Follow Regina Perez on Facebook and IG for fitness tips and Bikini competition coaching and prep. 

Sequin Duffle Bag 

The bag! It’s always about getting the bag. The classic duffle bag but with a little sparkle. Perfect bag for carrying all your gym essentials; gym shoes, booty bands, those sweats we were speaking on earlier and so much more. Great for the traveling beauties on their way to competitions, in and out of gyms.  Just the right size for the “free carry on” option, if that still exists, flights, and train luggage top carrier storage. 

The list can go on and on but just to give you some ideas of some of my favorite BeautyInBeastMode wear, which can be some of your favorite fitness apparel. What are some of your favorite gym apparel and accessories from BeautyInBeastMode?

What are some of your favorite picks in gym wear in general?

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Written by fitness contributor Charese: