Why Do I Sweat?

Walk down the cosmetic and facial care aisle of any retail store and you'll be bombarded with messages telling you that sweat, oil and pH factor are enemies of your skin. But sweat is essential to your body's ability to regulate core temperature and purge the skin of harmful substances. If you're not sweating, you're not working out. If you understand the pros and cons of sweat, you'll have a better idea of what's best for your skin. Here's a primer, along with some tips.


The Good
  • Sweating is a signal during exercise that the warm-up phase is over and you are entering the performance zone. Once you are in the performance zone, sweat regulates your body temperature and signals your body's ability to hydrate.

  • Sweat is good for the skin. Water hydrates, minerals and salt naturally exfoliate, and urea and uric acid combat dry skin and dermatitis.

  • Sweating purges the skin of bacteria, dirt, oils and impurities. The optimal pH factor for the skin is the same as the pH factor of sweat.

The Bad
  • The impurities that sweating helps flush out can stay on your skin. When the skin begins to re-absorb them, pH factors change and can lead to irritation and rash.

  • The sweat expelled through the apocrine glands in the skin is responsible for that familiar post-workout body odor.

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