Must Have Booty Bands 😍


These are the best non-slip resistance band for squats, lateral band walks, and hip bridges that does not break, rip, roll up or dig into your skin when you use it. It is the “go-to” resistance band for travel, gym and home workouts. The design makes it stand out wherever you are making it a functional accessory with style. The tension of the band is similar to the rubber resistance bands with none of the extra adjusting.


  • GYM - Great for the gym setting. You will stand out with the awesome camoflauge pattern.
  • Home - Kids kept you in? Working from home? Do your workout inside at your convenience.
  • Travel - Looking for the perfect travel tool? Search no further, you can workout ANYWHERE!


  • Form Correct - Improve you squat pattern and avoid knees caving in
  • (+) Resistance - increase intensity to body-weight exercises
  • Efficient - Save time with no unnecessary rolling, twisting like ordinary rubber bands
  • Effective - Feel glute recruitment in just a few steps!
  • Sturdy - will not twist or roll up on your leg
  • Durable - built from high strength thermoplastic polymer fibers the will not rip like your ordinary rubber workout bands 
  • Time Efficient - Shorten your warmup with a dynamic warmup to get under the bar faster. 
  • Convenient for Travel - The perfect size for you to stuff it in your luggage to get your workouts in while traveling for work or vacation.
  • Style in Mind - With a never before seen  design, you will turn heads in the gym.
  • Great Progression tool - If you're new to lifting and do not feel comfortable jumping straight into the barbell,  its perfect for you to progress from body-weight to banded workouts.


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